Acala Launch Update: Token Transfers & More

Acala Launch Update: Token Transfers & More

Join us for an update on the launch along with an exciting announcement on how you can further power your ACA within Acala’s DeFi ecosystem.

11:00 Full stack vision
14:10 Acala Treasury
14:55 Donating to Acala Treasury
15:24 Stewardship Over the Treasury
16:24 ACA Token
17:44 Acala Launch Approach
18:24 Technical Dependencies on Polkadot
20:24 Flexible Timelines
21:24 Acala Launch Roadmap Overview
23:24 Short Term Launch Plan
24:24 DOT Bridge
26:24 aUSD Lending
27:18 DOT Liquid Staking
28:24 Multi-chain Bridge
29:50 Curve-like Protocol and Lending Protocol
32:14 Why EVM+
34:04 EVM+ Specific Features (Gas fee in any tokens, Customizable fee schedule, ErC20 & Substrate tokens, support both Metamask & polkadot.js)
40:24 ACA Staking & Growing the Acala Treasury, AquaDao
45:24 ACA Token Holder Benefits
47:24 Q&A

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