Acala, Polkadot & Crowdloans – How to Get Your Share of the Network

Join Acala Co-Founder Bette Chen and VP of Growth Dan Reecer for an educational session about Polkadot, Acala, crowdloans, and parachain slot auctions.

Learn more about our DeFi network and how to participate in the Acala Crowdloan to get your share of the network before launch. We’ll also reveal an exciting new product and details on how to earn even more ACA rewards during the Acala Crowdloan event.

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  1. I just cameback from vacations. I missed this meeting. What can I do to participate in the Acala, polkadot crowdloan? Too late? I have already an Acala Network account and I have particpated in Build 1 and Build 2. I'll appreciate your help.

  2. Thanks Guys For this I appreciate your time in sharing with the community… You guys answered all of my questions on this video… I went back to Discord and deleted my questions

  3. Very uninformative thank you. I wanted to ask if i can send additional DOT to the js wallet? I only sent 1 dot i order to compete the quest but would like to allocate more.

  4. Nice content! Trading used to be a bit hard, especially with lots of fake experts and scammers, making profits on crypto coins or the forex market was almost impossible for me until I met the guru trader, Ms. Maureen and her skill is exceptional.

  5. If we take option 2 and take Lcdot, will we receive starking regards? And if not what's the difference between the reward Lcdot we get and the Lcdot a non crowd funder would get if s/he swapped their dot?

  6. Very good presentation and very interesting project for DOT ecosystem. Can you clarify which is the advantage in have option 1 instead of option 2? Option 2 seams to be more interesting unless the ACA rewards are more interesting with option 1! Also what about exchanges (ie kraken): will we have opportunity to have ACA+ lcDOT?

  7. just a question of why would somebody by LCD token from us, do I still get a colour tokens and the crowdloans benefit as normal, or the other person will be entitled to the Aca tokens

  8. Level 3 quest done and dusted. If there is a way to join the crowdloan with KUSD let me know and I will throw that on top of my DOT, but otherwise really looking forward to Acala. 🙂

  9. Will Acala be released with other ecosystem assets available for swap?

    Because Karura so far only has 4 assets (LKSM, KSM, kUSD and KAR) available for swap. We should already be able to trade other assets that have a Kasuama parachain. (Khala, MoonRiver and more). Why is this still not possible to do in Karura and how long is it going to take?

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