Aave Crypto: What Is AAVE coin?

Aave could be the future of decentralized finance. Layah Heilpern looks at what makes Aave unique in the world of DeFi and how its flexibility utilizing liquidity pools instead of matching lenders and borrowers on an order book. And that just scratches the surface, Aave flash loans, anyone?

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Aave cryptocurrency explained with Layaja Heilpern


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  1. I got a problem with the unstaking from EOS I waited the 3 days what it takes to unstake but when I press Claim Frozen Eos and on the pop up then Refund it's not working and I don't get in my Available Balance I also Resetet my Account Please Help me its very Important for me.
    The support is not answering.

  2. Hey I need to know what is the fees on exchanging any crpto at exodus. According to me you guys are charging like 5-7% which is hugeeeee. Their is no article, which clearly mentions your fees. Its so manipulating and shady. If I knew the high fee associated at exodus I would have never ever transferred my coins in this wallet. I have emailed million times to the support, all I am receiving is the automated replies

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