Acala & Karura Community Call, 16 March 2022 | Alexei Zamyatin of Kintsugi & Paul Lei of Gauntlet👇

Acala & Karura Community Call, 16 March 2022 | Alexei Zamyatin of Kintsugi & Paul Lei of Gauntlet

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✔️ Agenda:

– Acala & Karura listings
– Introducing Alexei of Interlay
– Update on Karura’s Latest Liquidation Ratios
– Introducing Paul Lei of Gauntlet
– Latest on kUSD/aUSD stablecoin union
– Community Q&A

🔗 Links mentioned:

Kintsugi on Kusama:
Bootstrap Details on KINT/kUSD on Karura:

Learn more about Kintsugi and Interlay here:

For those who don’t have much time to read:

0:00 Intro
2:30 Upcoming listings
5:15 Alexei | Interlay & Kintsugi
24:45 Paul | Gauntlet
28:00 Risk on Karura
30:00 Gauntlet slides
38:00 Unification of aUSD + kUSD

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Bette Chen:
Bryan Chen:
Dan Reecer:
Robin Whitney:


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  1. Why doesn’t Acala Karura manage the arbitrage with large exchanges and share that value with the LP’s or stakers. If not done the LP providers will be exposed to increased IL. Doesn’t it make it less attractive to LP on the protocol if arbitragers are able to extract value.

    I think there is an opportunity to use bots to capture some of the arbitrage and better support you liquidity providers.

  2. Does Acala/ Karura see liquidations as good or bad for the protocols? I will suggest they should be seen as bad. My question is what is Acala/ Karura doing to track the value of liquidations and what actions are being taken to help reduce the value of those liquidations. I believe tracking and driving down that value will help make a better product.

    Btw the bank example from the gauntlet rep is off base. That is because banks are insolvent by design thanks to rehypothecation.

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