Bitcoin SV (BSV) Moons – Twetch Co-Founders weigh in on what’s moving the price upward

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC). Kris Merkel of Exodus sits down with Josh Petty CEO of Twetch and Billy Rose CMO of Twetch to discuss the differences between them, the recent +100% BSV pump, Bitcoin SV figurehead Craig S Wright, the Tulip Trust and how it affects Bitcoin SV.
Josh Petty / @coinyeezy
Billy Rose / @nondualrandy

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  1. My Exodus wallet got hacked when nobody knew the passphrase except for me (also, I had made no transactions). The $2,500 worth bitcoins I had on my exodus wallet became 0, I contacted the support and they just sent me one email (which I think was auto-generated) and then, I was ignored. It has happened before to others too. Check this out:

  2. BCH is failing , because they wanted to keep the block size small. They have this idea that Satoshi wanted to keep the block size small to increase privacy. Thats not the case, because Satoshi only kept the block size small in the early days because internet speeds and processing power was not there yet. Moors law leds us to today technology , and now BSV is in the environment to thrive.

  3. @m_murfy on Twitter is pretending to be a physician. This is just one of MANY fraudulent and ridiculously fake profiles you'll see that is actually a real person playing pretend like CSW.

    Here is why..

    What kind of person does that? A BSV cultist of course. He then goes on posting about how the common flu is worse than the Coronavirus. People like this shouldn't be allowed around other people. In psychology its well known that narcissists will converge together especially online.

    They dont care about having friends or seeking the truth they simply want to stroke their own ego and for this reason when they find a common platform that is the right mix 'just confusing enough the average person doesn't understand' and 'possibility to make a profit regardless of ethics' they converge like flies.

    What happens is the low iq psychopath believes he is smarter than the average person, so when he doesnt understand something he feels confident nobody else will. Notice the BSV community spends most of its down libeling the entire rest of the crypto community. Calling them bots and paid shills.. which is ludicrous.

    Then they spend the rest of their energy pumping the product that can make them a profit. The saddest part is that despite the fact they are too stupid to understand a very simple open source technology they are smart enough to know when its a scam and how to take from the vulnerable.

    Of all the crypto scamms ive worked to expose ie: Bitconnect, BitClub.. BSV is by FAR the worst!

  4. Bitcoin will scale by getting parallel processing/validation of Tx, artificial limits all being removed and miners will set their own limits as they see fit, and will need to cooperate and compete with other miners in order to provide better service (more capacity, aka bigger blocks, when needed and demanded by users/market) and they will set limits according to what they can handle at any point in time, so there won't be any more external power in decision making, which is what Core/Blockstream did with BTC and same with devs who hijacked BCH network and this is how network/system will become truly decentralised (Centralisation is not achieved through geographic diversity of miners but by removing any power from decision making from any person or group of people), miners will specialise for specific use cases (possibly specific for payments only, or data storage, etc) and with SPV, which is also the thing that will make Bitcoin (BSV) payments truly P2P (sender sending the Tx to receiver, receiver to validate it and broadcasting it to the miners).

  5. Lightning is not a 2nd layer at all, Lightning is a separate system which doesn't run on top on BTC network. This is another one of those false narratives that Core/Blockstream created to make people believe that they can "scale BTC" using a system which has nothing to do with Bitcoin at all… it is a complete lie. If Lightning was L2 protocol, its data (LN Tx) would be embedded INSIDE the BTC Tx, but it is not. What happens in Lightning network is not even visible on BTC network. It is only when CONVERSION from one unit of account to another unit of account, happens, which is opening a LN channel, converting BTC unit of account into LN IOUs unit of account, and vice versa when LN channel is closed.

  6. This claim is FALSE: "Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC)".
    BTC is a 1st fork of Bitcoin and BCH is 2nd fork of Bitcoin, BSV is the actual continuation of Bitcoin protocol, and will become the original Bitcoin with Genesis.
    Ticker and label, or hash or "Social Consensus" do NOT determine or define what is Bitcoin, the Bitcoin SYSTEM rules as outlined in the Bitcoin white paper is what defines and determines what Bitcoin is, and using the SYSTEM RULES is what needs to be used to figure out when a chain split happens, which side of the split, is the real deal. BTC and BCH changed their system rules, they in effect created DIFFERENT SYSTEMS. most people are just completely clueless about all this, which is why most people are very badly misinformed.

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