Crowdloans & Parachain Auctions on Polkadot and Kusama in 8 Minutes | Explainer by Acala​​%20and%20on%20our%20social%20channels%20👇

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  1. Another question. Can you make a video that dives into what happens if a established parachain end up loosing an auction the 2nd time?

    Could one coin get big enough and buy up all of the slots?

    Im asking because what if other projects keep out bidding you?

    Would that destroy and established project? If they had to turn into a para thread?

    Also, is the only cost of winning the parachain slot the cost of staking?

    After a coin wins the auction. The only payment that is paid to dot or KSM is just staking?

    Pretty much with how much KSM will go up in value. 2-3yrs from now. The orginal staked value of KSM will increase so much. It will grandfather in orginal coins because of how much KSM will cost 2-4yrs from now newer coins will never be able to out bid an orginal

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