Crypto News: Paypal crypto demand high, Polygon Matic price soars!

Crypto News: Did you buy the dip? Crypto isn’t slowing down as Polygon Matic and Solana prices soar this week after a brief Bitcoin price dip. Crypto markets quickly recovered and the signs of demand are coming from corporate heads and athletes. Oh and, Ethereum has flipped PayPal’s market cap. The new and freer crypto economy is emerging with force. Tune in to this week’s Exodus Crypto news with Kris Merkel.

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  1. Exodus fees are scandalous. Especially considering how often it is unavailable… like right now, my Polkadot coins are stuck. Almost 100% of the time, several of their trading pairs are jammed up, and not functioning.When they are available, the fees to exchange are similar to etherium gas fees. Sending the coins to an exchange will cost $50 …. this is how you onboard the world ? I would have pulled all my money out of this wallet already, but I refuse to give these guys $50-$100 just to send my money anywhere. I have under $1500 in their wallet. Right now, I cannot move my money out if I want to. The exchange is down, it says I have more Polkadot than the national debt of China and the USA combined, and that they are working to resolve the issue. Customer service might get back to you in two weeks… if you’re lucky. With constant issues, I am sure they are very busy. Very, VERY fed up with this wallet. Wish I had never put my money in it. This wallet doesn’t perform it’s basic functions half the time. When it does, the fees are absurd.

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