Crypto News: Stocks on Solana & FTX MLB partnership

Is the shortest bear market behind us? ARK Invest may think so as they scoop up about $29M worth of BTC.

Will this be the last time we hear news related to China banning Bitcoin? It may be as BTC miners pack their bags and leave the country due to a Bitcoin mining ban.

FTX exchange has partnered with Major League Baseball in a move that is symbolic of the new financial system taking the place of what historically may have been a corporate bank sponsorship.

Solana to support popular stocks for 24/7 trading on decentralized exchanges.

Millions of ETH inaccessible and billions of BTC stolen. Tune in for the details.

Crypto News: Stocks on Solana & FTX MLB partnership, chapters:
00:00 Crypto News intro
01:20 Bear Market?
02:18 Bitcoin Mining Migration
03:25 ARK Invest BTFD
04:09 Dogecoin News
04:35 Millions of ETH & billions of BTC – gone
05:43 FTX MLB partnership
06:13 Solana News
06:49 Crypto News closing

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Crypto News: Stocks on Solana & FTX MLB partnership with Kris Merkel


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