Dash Crypto: Dash coin explained

Dash is a payment coin and one of the oldest projects in the crypto space. Over the years it’s been making inroads into South America and Africa acting as a safe haven for those escaping rapid inflation. But how does it work, and what are the prospects for the DASH coin going forward?

DASH Chapters
00:00 intro
00:28 Dash Team
01:09 Dash Masternode
01:40 Dash Privacy
02:52 DASH Community

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Dash Cryptocurrency 2021: Dash coin explained with Layah Heilpern


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  1. It's all about proof of stake, and the best of them all is EGLD!! ELROND 22 million and max of 31 million and with deflation it will never reach 31 million. Just the same it's fast and allows 150k tps and can go higher and costs fraction of pennies. It's the 1st carbon negative block chain as well and priced at 130+- and high potential to go into the 1000's in 1-10yrs.

  2. If you want the ultimate privacy coin – which will be a big issue in years to come once mass adoption happens and the government wants its cut. Then you can't do much better than Pirate Chain (the token is called Arrr). Monero is good, but Pirate Chain is even better.

    It is currently priced under a comfortable $3, so buying 1,000 coins would be affordable for most folk which means that you can be like those bitcoin whales who bought at under $3.

    Pirate Chain has a great and friendly community. There are a number of helpful videos on Youtube and Odysee which even newbies can follow.

    The best way to buy Pirate Chain (Arrr) is by using either Bitcoin or Etherum on the KuCoin exchange which doesn't require any KYC for transactions under 5 bitcoin.

    Only use official links for the Pirate Chain's various wallets from links that are provided on all the major coin listing sites.

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