DeFi & Polkadot Panel with DeFi Alliance, Cumberland, & CoinFund | Chicago Meetup 23 June 2021

This DeFi panel included conversations ranging across multiple ecosystems and use cases as the crowd went back and forth with questions to Seth, Nate, and Imran.


Seth Ginns (CoinFund):

Qiao Wang:

Nate George:

Imran Khan (DeFi Alliance):

All Acala Channels:​​
All Karura Channels:​

Acala Apps (testnet):


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Written by Acala Network

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  1. Could there be a way to tie the physical to virtual by requiring each property to have a node built into the foundation of a property that has the NFT burned into the node?

    This is a high level idea but something I was thinking about recently on feasibility of tying virtual assets to the physical world. Thanks for the content!

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