Exodus Crypto News Dec.28th 2019 – YouTube Crypto Purge

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This week we’re digging into the timeline of events that took down YouTube crypto channels over the Christmas holiday as well as a quick overview of the 2019 Bitcoin market. (Correction: The video states the BTC yearly high was Jan. 9th when in fact is was July 9th, 2019

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Crypto YouTubers referenced in this weeks video:

Chris DunnVerified account

Omar Bham (Crypt0)


Ivan on Tech

Alex Saunders

Crypto India

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  1. One thing this recent Youtube situation forced me to do, was to look into suitable decentralized replacements for social media video. LBC is the only decentralized video platform that I have found that actually stores the content creators' videos. As I understand, most "decentralized" video platforms do not store the videos in the blockchain but instead link directly to Youtube, etc. In leu of supporting hype and (oftentimes empty) promises, I think 10+ years into this era of crypto technology that platforms with a working product should be elevated by the crypto community. What are you and your team's thoughts on adding LBC to Exodus?

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