Exodus Crypto News December, 13th. DeFi Coming to Bitcoin

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News Summary:

– Crypto vs Banks, Deutsche Bank Shares have declined 95%
– ING Bank developing Custody services
– The Voice – B1 Rescues EOS
– Crash -O-Matic
– Defi For Bitcoin
– Weekly Market Review

Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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  1. Nice news video. I like the format and the pace. I'm looking forward to weekly videos.

    I'm a big fan of btc and other large projects but I also really enjoy up-and-coming projects with a LIVE working product. has released a decentralized and in-wallet, private marketplace (with hundreds of ordinary listings) where commerce is currently ongoing. There is no middleman to leak or sell data, permissionless, private, easy to buy and sell, btc integrated into their ring ct platform, etc. Next are infinite storefronts and an sdk. This project is a cool rabbit hole of cutting edge tech that can shape the future of commerce, but people have to know about it to use it. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on the project.

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