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The blockchain, for the first time in history, has created a movement to shift power back to the people to manage their own assets – with no banks, no brokers, and no institutional oversight.

Exodus is the world’s leading desktop and mobile cryptocurrency wallet built for visionaries, explorers departing the legacy system to protect and create wealth for future generations. And we want to read YOUR stories.

Subscribe to the channel and share your crypto story in the comments, good or bad. You can also tell us how you learned about Exodus and how you use it.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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  1. When I first learned about bitcoin and that time it's price is 600$ from year 2016 I only use it for buying phone bills. And then I got interested in it I invested in the famous cloud mining scam hash ocean and I ended up not accumulated any bitcoin. But then years come and I checked the price it's flew 19k$ year 2017. I feel guilty didn't paid attention more with crypto

  2. Got in to crypto during the crash of 2017 May, at that time I want sure what a wallet even means. Then I learned about exodus from bitesizebitcoin youtube channel and it' has been my #1 hot wallet. The UI simply is the most intuitive and pleasing to the eye.

  3. I've started with bitcoin in 2014 using very geeky electrum wallet. I then discovered exodus and never went back. I easily got various coins, great visualization of the entire portfolio, easy use of the quick exchange between coins. Exodus has immensely improved my crypto experience. I'm always looking forward to the regular new updates and would love to get started with trezor for enhanced security. Keep up the good work!

  4. Got into the game because of I'm a supporter of peer to peer technology, for the first time it is possible to store/trade value without a intermediary.

    Got into Exodus recently, stick to it because it have the one of the most intuitive user interface and swap between two different assets easily you can do it daily without being too technical. Looking forward to their upcoming staking assets features.

  5. I am supporting the "Proof of Keys"-Day initiated by Trace Mayer. Each year on January 3rd we all should get our coins from the exchanges into our own wallets to be sure that we really own them. Do not use Exchanges that have problems due to the "Proof of Keys"-Day. This is important because people should learn how to store Bitcoin for themselves. This led me to Exodus. I needed a safe place for some altcoins.
    Thank you Exodus I am able to store a lot of different altcoins in one place and the impact of delistings is less painful for me.

    Thank you Exodus-Team for the Trezor-Integration.

    To all BAKKT customers: Not your keys, not your Bitcoin. Join the "Proof of Keys"-Day on each January 3rd.

  6. The first time I bought a coin, I bought Ether (ETH), the coin that fuels the Ethereum Network, at its all time high on June 6th or 7th. It was right above $300 at the time. I had been studying Ethereum for weeks, reading all about it, Bitcoin, and other blockchain projects. I was convinced Ethereum was going to change the world — but I also knew from a brief stint day trading that one should never buy into the tail-end of a uptrend.
    Don’t chase green candles. I thought that Which is investor speak for “don’t buy an uptrend that’s already started as you never know when it will stop”. It’s a part of the mantra conveyed by the famous investing quote, “buy when there’s blood on the streets”.

  7. I set off on my cryptocurrency journey halfway through 2017. I am proud of the short length of time I’ve been involved in crypto. In less than a year, I’ve managed to see higher returns than any traditional investor could dream of. I’ve learned about new technology, taught myself technical analysis (with the help of a mentor), and even managed to work with a wide array of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. I was born in the bear market, molded by it.
    I didn’t see green candles until I was already a man.

  8. At the end of 2017, when bitcoin was at its highest price, I came to know about it through the media but could not buy it due to lack of funds at that time. But I did not give up and started collecting more and more information about it. That was the time of change in my life. After getting a lot of information, I started working on it and used many different types of exchanges and wallets but did not get satisfaction. Finally in year 2018, through a friend, I came to know about Exodus and official website's link. The collection of coins and knowledge base section of Exodus impressed me so much. After that I never used any other wallet or exchange.

    Today I have all the coins and tokens available in my exodus portfolio which I used to dream about in 2017. Exodus has all the features that an ideal wallet and exchange should have. The support and management team is very active and experienced. After partnering with Trezor, Exodus's security has improved. Now I am working towards increasing the portfolio every month without any worries. Thank you Exodus for making my dreams come true. Love you.

  9. After I realized that I could use my GPU to mine cryptocurrencies I soon discovered the unique world of cryptocurrencies, and day by day that world became more and more expansive and interesting. Have been following its development since, it quite exiting!

  10. Recommended by a friend who knew I was struggling to find the right wallet as a beginner. Since then I have bought a Trezor Model T after recommendation by Exodus and today bought another for Spanish friends new to Bitcoin for Christmas. Love the simple explanations my only positive criticisms would be – as I live in the sun of Spain the light is so bright reading a dark screen as much a I love it can be difficult – plus I have not been able to find away to see if both Exodus and Trezor have Spanish Translations – other than that I couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work.

  11. I got into cryptocurrency in late 2016, back then i don't know how it works and which wallet use and which one is safe (i don't even think about safety). I have started by using online wallet to send and receive and buy virtual products using bitcoin and also back then i only know about bitcoin (no other coins). After long use of that online wallet it has shut down their service, I have struggled alot at that time to withdraw my Bitcoin in that online wallet, i have to wait too long to get my money back. I even stopped using bitcoin after that cause of fear of lossing my money (bitcoin). after couple months, i have seen an article about Exodus, i have did some researches about Exodus and other desktop wallets and found it is safe to store in desktop wallet than online wallets as we own our private key and seeds. There was 2 desktop wallet option for me, one is Exodus and Electrum. I choose Exodus over eletrum only cause of that UI, but i have struggled but not much as Exodus doesnot support in Android. But Exodus recently lauched in Android and as well and ios. Now i use Exodus to send, receive and store my Bitcoin and many other alt coins, Mainly to store. I really like Exodus features and mainly that UI, simple amazing, Today I am happy Exodus user tbh, i have invested alot in Bitcoin on recent fluctuation.
    Thanks for your service and as well as for this giveaway!

  12. Early on in my crypto adventure I was looking for a wallet that would help me manage multiple currencies, Exodus was that answer, it has come a long way since I first started using it with only a handful of different coins in there. Now I need to take it to the next level with Trezor and secure it even more. Good luck to all the entries.

  13. One of my biggest surprises when I first started using crypto were dapps. I had previously thought it was all just virtual money, I didn't realize how many things you could use crypto for.
    I first found Exodus when I was first exploring crypto and trying to learn what it was. I loved the UI and how smooth the wallet worked and have been using it ever since.

  14. Crypto was a new thing for me almost a year ago. I didn’t know much about it other than I wanted to get rich so I can stop suffering. But what I was doing was falling for scams. I downloaded exodus wallet and joined their slack chat.

    There I met Webbah, Dday, Chris, and others who taught me about Cryptocurrency, watched their chats and learned where they thought of it. So I was able to change my mentality about crypto and learn its real purpose and now I just invest when I can and moving forward. But if it wasn’t for them I would probably lost a lot of money in Ponzi schemes and other schemes.

  15. I don't have a hardware wallet, yet, but I found out that Trezor is secure and user friendly. About Exodus, we'll, it doesn't disappoint. Awesome UI. I made a huge mistake back in 2010 when I erased a hard drive with 1.4btc. Now I struggle every day to be able to get a few $ each month (I got back to crypto this year) but I really see the potential in crypto so I belive it will be worth it.

  16. I have a story that incorporates both sadness and happiness. I believe it was about 2013 and I became concerned about the FED and rising inflation costs. I wasn't so interested in crypto or anything about blockchain. But I was interested in buying something that wasn't USD denominated. I wanted to be sure I could buy a plane ticket if America ever experienced a financial crash. I have a family and it really was a defensive maneuver. Enter Bitcoin. The first time I ever heard about bitcoin was through an Anarchist, Jeff Berwick on his YT channel. Good guy. It was extremely tough to buy bitcoin in those days. I ended up buying 2 bitcoins. Don't remember the exchange, but I remember having to convert money multiple times to a weird fiat type, and then convert that money to bitcoin. I had one of those old wallets. I sat on the price for a couple of months and then made terrible decisions. I sold my bitcoin after a mini-crash. Very stupid. I was worried about tax regulators rendering BTC worthless and I bought gold with my bitcoin. Again, very stupid. I had some gold at the time and thought that was the safer play. It is a safe play, and I don't hate gold, but it is not BTC. I didn't do my research and didn't realize BTC was and is unstoppable if you hold the private keys. So I had no bitcoin left, then it exploded. Bad timing and poor decisions. I was devastated. I was ready to give up on BTC not because of the technology but because of my poor choices. I can't time and felt I missed the boat entirely.

    Enter Trace Mayer. 2017 or so. I listened to a youtube or podcast by Trace Mayer and it blew my mind. Unbelievable information. I was hooked. When I realized that I am still an early adopter my motivation increased. We are still in the speculation stage as he so eloquently put it. This time it wasn't about getting out of dodge, like the first time. This time it was because I knew the technology was Awesome. I am no fan of what the American Government has done to the American People through FIAT. A big untold crime that still does not get the needed recognition it deserves. Ron Paul also helped strengthen my knowledge. I regained my motivation for accumulating BTC. I am also interested in LTC/DGB but really nothing else. I sold that gold (that went really nowhere) and entered the market again, and I actually timed a dip pretty well. I believe I got in at somewhere around 5,500 and have been dollar cost averaging ever since. I am well on my way for X BTC, X LTC, and X DGB. More than the 2 I started with. It will happen. I am more than halfway to my goals. It takes patience, knowledge, and will power. HODLING is not as easy as it sounds. The reason I love Exodus so much, is that it allows me to have the keys to all 3 cryptocurrencies I like. It is on both my phone and desktop. The UI is just superb. I feel confident that no one can steal my money AND there is a solid chance that crypto replaces FIAT in 20-25 years or less. This is more than just money. It is a movement that will increase the productivity of human kind. Exodus helps us get there. Thank you Exodus. Oh and thank you Satoshi 🙂

  17. I have been using a lot of different dapp wallet. Some were good some awful.

    Looking for the best when talking about crypto security, iam also extremely sensitive when it comes to design, intuitive flowles user experience.

    With Exodus I have found the best combination. I 💕 💕💕the beauty of Exodus artistic design. No doubt Exodus will be a winner in the future of this field.

    To be fully happy iam just missing to own a Trezor.

    Wish you the best @Exodus
    Give me the best @Exodus with a gifted Trezor😉😉

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