How to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to your Exodus wallet

Learn how to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to your Exodus wallet on desktop in this simple Exodus wallet tutorial.

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  1. Hi Exodus May i ask something please? im new to crypto.
    1. If i transfer coins into your exodus account – do i have to transfer it back into Coinbase if i want to sell them?
    2. Using your wallet can i turn bitcoin into etherium and back again? … if so, what fee is there please? Coinbase charges for this. I can see the sense in flipping between currencies when one is going higher than what you are holding on to. Riding the Bull markets (?)
    3. If i transfer coinbase bitcoin into your Exodus wallet, does coinbase keep a record of the exchange? as in are they monitoring peoples transfers?

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated. All the best

  2. This is a helpful video, but I can't seem to get a transfer to work. I have the mobile versions of Coinbase and Exodus. I bought bitcoin last night through Coinbase and it shows the correct balance. This morning I tried multiple times to send the Bitcoin to Exodus. I have two factor authentication. However, when I click Submit, I get a message that I have $0.00 Bitcoin available. Why is that?

  3. Hi! I wanted to make sure I understand something that maybe I'm not. When I have crypto in my Exodus wallet, it's not trading actively in any way? I would need to transfer it out of the wallet to a platform like Coinbase correct? Crypto can't be in a wallet and trading at the same time in some kind of linked way can it?

  4. My Exodus wallet got hacked when nobody knew the passphrase except for me (also, I had made no transactions). The $2,500 worth bitcoins I had on my exodus wallet became 0, I contacted the support and they just sent me one email (which I think was auto-generated) and then, I was ignored. It has happened before to others too. Check this out:

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