How to stake Cardano ADA | Cardano Staking

How to stake Cardano ADA | Cardano Staking

Cardano Staking Tutorial: Learn how to stake Cardano ADA and earn Cardano staking rewards in your Exodus wallet. In just a few taps, you can generate a crypto passive income by staking ADA coin directly from your mobile or desktop wallet.

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  1. SAMO is the next big meme coin. Market cap at 500M. Growing to Shib size will be 80x from here. It’s not on a major exchange so a lot of potential! Just posting this here so I can come back to it later.

    I have the exodus wallet. Would be nice to have some meme coins it there haha. Love the interface so much.

  2. Please add the option to change the stake pool to the one user wishes, It helps decentralisation a lot.
    I get it this app primarily makes it easier for people who just got into crypto to stake ADA, but I'd hate to maintain a different wallet just to stake cardano with the stakepool of my choice, Maybe add the manual selection of a different stakepool in advanced section of the app for the veterans.

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