How to stake Cosmos ATOM | Staking Cosmos ATOM on Exodus

How to stake Cosmos ATOM | Staking Cosmos ATOM on Exodus

Learn how to stake Cosmos ATOM directly within the Exodus wallet app in this quick video tutorial. Cosmos ATOM staking is as easy as tapping a ‘Stake ATOM’ button. Take part in the Cosmos network by staking your ATOM crypto and earn free crypto in the form of ATOM staking rewards. Download your Exodus Cosmos ATOM wallet to get started on your crypto passive income journey today.

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  1. Liking Exodus so far. Would be nice to have an option to claim rewards + stake those new rewards in the same transaction, so you're not paying for fees twice- once to claim and once again to stake. Also please have support for Chainlink staking when it comes out this year!

  2. Even tho I have a bag staked and the rates decent, the 21 day un staking time kills it for me. Personally I like to be more liquid not locked up as we know 13% "APY" can disintegrate real fast in 21 days un staking time. unless your a long term hodler then its cherry. I wish ALGO wasn't so low in APY compared to others also lets get some DOT staking team EXODUS. keep up the good work. cheers

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