Kraken Parachain Auctions Podcast with Acala's Bette Chen & Dan Reecer​​​%20and%20on%20our%20social%20channels%20👇

Kraken Parachain Auctions Podcast with Acala's Bette Chen & Dan Reecer

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0:55 Acala team introduction
2:10 Betty introduction
7:10 Laminar protocol
11:30 Acala project creation
13:00 What is the state of the Karura project?
14:00 What are your thoughts on a Kanary chain trend?
21:30 How does Acala deal with upgradability?
29:40 How can Polkadot and Kusama attract users from Ethereum ecosystem?
35:35 What about Kusama and Polkadot auctions running concurrently?
37:40 Will Acala bet for the first slot? What are the preparation steps?
44:40 What is your expectation about Polkadot auctions?
47:00 What are the biggest things learned from Kusama auctions?

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Dan Reecer:

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