Litecoin 2021: What is Litecoin LTC?

#litecoin #ltc What is Litecoin? LTC is a long-standing top-cryptocurrency. Its creator Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation push LTC as the ideal payment solution – fast and cheap. But with thousands of cryptocurrencies now on the scene, what sets Litecoin apart from other crypto assets?

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What is Litecoin LTC with Layah Heilpern


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  1. It will take Litecoin around 10 years to trade around the current BTC price which is $60,000. It’s just a question of supply available in the market. Currently BTC dispenses around 900 BTC per day. Whereas Litecoin dispenses around 7200 coins per day. It will take 3 more halving of litecoin for it to dispense around 900 coins per day. When that happens $5000 will look like a joke.Hodl for dear life

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