Nano coin vs Bitcoin (Nano crypto review and explained)

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What makes Nano coin special and different from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? This video gives a quick review highlighting the differences between Nano and Bitcoin.

Are there economic incentives for supporting a network that offers free and instant transactions? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Nano Coin: The Complete Guide –

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  1. If blocks are small… and it takes 51% of processing power to confirm a block…. that means that if somebody has a large machine, that is 51% of a block, they can basically do anything they want with it. This makes BitCoin more solid than Nano. As Nano can more easily be attacked, when economic insentives are there.

    But BitCoin isn't meant for constant small transactions, but rather for large transactions and for the decentralized store of value.

    They both therefore have their advantages. You can check out the book "The BitCoin Standard" (not my book).

  2. @Coin Trades I am a student I collected $2000 to buy an iPhone but realized nano would be a good investment for 4-5 years. Should I buy nano now or wait for a dip maybe after alt seasons? What if there's a bull like dodge is getting rn and it never comes back? I want to buy $3k worth nano asap maybe it makes me a millionaire 4 years later when nano sweeps down to the financial day to day market. I see a potential I want to risk it. The only question is at what price should I buy nano at ? And when?

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  4. My Exodus wallet got hacked when nobody knew the passphrase except for me (also, I had made no transactions). The $2,500 worth bitcoins I had on my exodus wallet became 0, I contacted the support and they just sent me one email (which I think was auto-generated) and then, I was ignored. It has happened before to others too. Check this out:

  5. nano is also deflationary.
    All coins are in circulation. There won't be new coins.
    It's estimated that 2 % of the circulating supply get lost per year( lost password, owner dies. etc)
    –>deflationary: with every lost coin, all other coins are getting more valuable, cause the supply is lower

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