NFT Intel #1: Eternal Dragons, Parrot Tools, and Zoonies (Hot Solana NFT mints)

NFT Intel #1: Eternal Dragons, Parrot Tools, and Zoonies (Hot Solana NFT mints)

Welcome to NFT Intel: your weekly intel brief into the hottest new Solana NFT mints, coming to you live and direct from the Exodus studio! For our first episode, we bring in guest Paul C. and Sol Dozer from SOL Army: Project Intel and dive into our top picks of the upcoming Solana NFT projects minting for the week: Eternal Dragons, Parrot Tools, and Zoonies NFTs.

Join the weekly live stream every Monday eve with your host Kris Merkel. NFT Intel is a partnership between Exodus and The SOL Army: Project Intel. Not financial advice!

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  1. Addition to the Zoonies Segment:

    Zoonies Traits Economy (TE) Marketplace
    •This is a marketplace that is going to enable any Solana NFT holder to decompose their NFT into its individual traits. This is either to pimp their NFT with new traits or sell the newly available traits.
    •Zoonies TE Marketplace is going to unlock new horizons – buy/sell existing individual traits or create them from scratch. TE Marketplace would enable the creators economy 2.0 with Instant monetization for creators of individual traits that could be purchased and used in NFTs.
    i missed this when looking for this stuff

    This is pretty interesting to us as well if they are able to execute although they disclaim that development is subject to funding success

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