Ontology Coin + Network explained (ONT & ONG coin)

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain focusing on Decentralized Identity (DID) and Data. It has two native tokens powering its network: ONT is used for staking, while ONG is used as a gas fee to pay for transactions on-chain.

Ontology Coin + Network explained (ONT & ONG coin), chapters:
00:00 Introduction: Ontology Crypto
00:24 What makes the Ontology blockchain different?
01:04 Ontology and NEO blockchain
01:13 Ontology Network benefits
01:32 Ontology network core offerings
01:48 ONT ID
03:16 Ontology SAGA, OScore, ONTO wallet, Wing Finance
03:54 Ontology token ONT use case
04:19 Ontology Gas ONG token use case
04:28 Closing: Ontology blockchain

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Ontology Coin + Network explained (ONT & ONG coin) with Layah Heilpern


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  1. I was invested in ONT for about a year and it was a terrible investment. ONG was rarely paid out and the lockup time period to get the coins out took WAAAAAAY longer than it should have. This was staking in Exodus. I do not blame the company for this, I personally do not like ONT and ONG.

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