Proof Of Keys January 3rd, 2020 (Do you hold your private keys?)

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Today we rewind, in preparation for Proof Of Keys on Jan3rd and look at:

What exactly is meant by “Proof of Keys”?

What is Self-Custody?

Do you hold your private keys?

What are the risks of leaving funds on an exchange?

Proof of Keys is an annual event revolving around the action to remove your Crypto from custodial solutions such as exchanges and move them to a wallet where you control the private keys:

Why do you want to do this?

If you hold Crypto on an exchange, you don’t really own it. You’re trusting a 3rd party to manage it for you. You may have a wallet address, but they control the private keys.

Exodus Wallet is Non-Custodial, meaning you have the private keys encrypted on your computer for total control.
How to participate in the Proof of Keys event and own your crypto by holding the private keys.
1. Take all your coins off of Exchanges.
2. Move your crypto to a wallet where you have control of the seed phrase or private keys. For this purpose, they are the same.
3. If you have never used a non-custodial wallet, once you download and install, first try with a small amount until you get used to it.
4. Once moved, add [Jan/3➞₿🔑∎] to your social media profiles.You have now participated in establishing your sovereignty over your funds.

Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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  1. I dought Exoduse! After 4years trusting this app, and all of a sudden bitcoin goes too high and your exodus glitches, that i understand , but when i can not withdraw and it says not enough funds , that just means the poeple working for the wallet can hack your wallet! And no trace of any withdrawal!!! No trace at all

  2. My Exodus wallet got hacked when nobody knew the passphrase except for me (also, I had made no transactions). The $2,500 worth bitcoins I had on my exodus wallet became 0, I contacted the support and they just sent me one email (which I think was auto-generated) and then, I was ignored. It has happened before to others too. Check this out:

  3. How to find and extract my private keys using just an iPhone,? Can it be done? How or where to find step by step information to own your keys? This topic is so difficult for a person with memory damage to make their way through the maze yet it’s crucial or I/we face loosing our funds.which cold storage USB is best for xrp, bitcoin, chainlink , and so many others. Such stress for the unknowledgeable to find these answers.

  4. What if we had a blank card like a prepay that we swipe from our computer that we can upload money from a hardware wallet or Exodus? Like an Exodus card or something generic that we choose….We could use it anywhere as long as Exodus had the ability to allow us to exchange for fiat for the time being for transactions until crypto is more widely spread. Just a thought. I tend to get off topic and go into rants. Thanks for all your work folks.

  5. Frickin awesome! I'm going to share this as a knowledge point from here on out as why we should avoid exchanges other than the need to on ramp and off ramp money from Exodus or a hardware wallet. One day we can just simply plug in, load and store without KYC from our bank any fiat of our choice and exchange within our wallet from a hardware device such as Trezor that can be linked to Exodus. Why would you stop using the world wide web and use the internet provided for only one country or county? Maybe one day we will use crypto for what it truly is and not need a bank or exchange. It is worldwide currency no need to exchange down the road for fiat. Period. Thanks again.

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