Waves coin & Waves DEX: Ready for DeFo?

Waves Crypto: The Waves platform has been around since 2016, but how does its growing ecosystem work, what is the function of the WAVES coin?

Let’s duck dive into the Waves DEX and see what it’s all about.

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Waves crypto, Waves coin and Waves DEX with Layah Heilpern


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  1. I would like to leave some feedback.
    I can hear the audio echoing which is the opposite of pleasant for my ears, also I do not know which microphone has been used here but getting rid of the echo would definitely improve the overall quality and pleasantness for the listener, hopefully this will help to clear out how piercing this often sounds. Thank you for reading, other than that I love how you guys manage to put so many useful information into such short videos, great way to learn about all types of Blockchains / coins etc. – keep up the amazing work you all!

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