What is Ethereum? Ethereum 2.0 Explained

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In this video, we answer the question “What is Ethereum?” and give a simple breakdown of the incoming Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum is home to a decentralized ecosystem made up of smart contracts, decentralized finance applications, and many other dapps.

However, Ethereum’s popularity has challenged the network’s capacity to serve its growing user base.

Can Ethereum 2.0 usher in a new era for the second largest cryptocurrency? Or will other scalable smart contract platforms like Tezos and Algorand take the lead?

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What is Ethereum? Ethereum 2.0 Explained, chapters:

0:00 Introduction: How Ethereum changed the use cases of the blockchain.
0:42 What is Ethereum: What Ethereum hopes to achieve and who created Ethereum.
1:27 Ethereum Mainnet Launch: Launched in 2015, Ethereum quickly moved up the ranks as the second crypto in terms of market capitalization.
2:11 Limitations of Ethereum: The Ethereum Network is prone to get congested resulting in high Ethereum transaction fees.
3:10 The Rise of DEFI: Decentralized Finance on the Ethereum Network has gained popularity as financial products are offered on the blockchain without the need of banks.
4:40 Ethereum 2.0: Hoping to solve the Ethereum scalability issues, Ethereum 2.0 will significantly change the way Ethereum will work.
5:47 Shard chains: These are individual blockchains that run parallel with the main Ethereum blockchain.
6:37 Ethereum 2.0 Launch: The new version of the Ethereum network will launch in 3 phases.

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What is Ethereum? Ethereum 2.0 Explained with Kris Merkel


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  1. This was quite interesting to watch! given ETH's high gas fees and the oncoming release of Cardano (erc20 converter) and also the recent run-up with Binance Chain, I foresee an exodus for Ethereum and would take profits and swap ETH to ADA and BNB to hedge against ETH not being able to fully deliver scalability until 2022?. Thoughts?

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