What is Karura? Intro and Demo of the DeFi Hub of Kusama​​%20and%20on%20our%20social%20channels%20👇

0:39 – Intro & Agenda
2:46 – Kusama & Polkadot
3:50 – Karura
11:35 – Acala Mandala Testnet Demo
54:58 – Q&A

The Karura & Acala team give an overview of Karura’s DeFi parachain and applications built for the Kusama community.

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Learn more about Karura at

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  1. is it possible to keep your KSM and DOT on the Polkawallet phone app, and use Mandala? Similar to how you can have one wallet sync'd to Dadalus and Yoroi at the same time with ADA? Or you need to send your funds from Polkawallet phone app to Polkadot js web wallet ?

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