What is MeanFi? Money streaming (Solana DeFi ecosystem)

What is MeanFi? Money streaming (Solana DeFi ecosystem)

A new decentralized finance (DeFi) primitive emerging in the Solana DeFI ecosystem is none other than Mean Finance or MeanFi.

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Written by Exodus

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  1. WARNING : Solana / Dapps Wallets can be hacked when bridge's are used

    Be informed and be aware when you CONNECT any wallet using a Bridge you are venerable

    I've been involved with computers for over a couple decades, and more recently been focused on blockchain technology. Unfortunately, Solanas blockchain has something that has been able to be easily exploited whenever a bridges used. The latest exploit use the Nomad Bridge to access over 15,000 different wallets and steal several hundred million dollars. I currently hold over 40 different types of cryptocurrencies and have had only one problem with one particular blockchain and that was #Solana to be even a little more clear it's not that the Solanas blockchain itself is the issue it's more an issue when Solana's blockchain uses a particular bridge for interoperability, both times when the hacks happened the Acts were successfully executed it was because of a third-party Bridge.

    PS NOTE: Exodus is one of the BEST wallets in the WORLD!!!

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