What Is Zcash (ZEC)? Zcash 2020

Zcash ZEC came onto the scene in 2016 when a group of cryptographers and Bitcoin enthusiasts saw an opportunity to mimic Bitcoin’s functionality while giving users a more private alternative. It’s evolved from few developers and has grown into a multi-organizational machine. This video answers the question “What is Zcash ZEC?” and provides a comprehensive overview of Zcash, its history, and its Zcash ZEC’s use case.

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  1. I just exchanged $25 worth of Bitcoin for $21.50 of Monero and you guys took a $280+ (0.0101 BTC) "minors fee".

    Sending bitcoin was never harder with Exodus, to send just $50 will cost you $129 in fees (88 sat/bytes). I emailed the support staff and have not received a response in two days, at this point I'm convinced Exodus is scamming.

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