XRP vs XLM (Ripple vs Stellar Lumens)

XRP vs XLM (Ripple vs Stellar Lumens): Who will win the fight between the two cross-border payment platforms: Ripple XRP or XLM Stellar Lumens?

Tune in to watch these two battle it out in the cage!

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XRP vs XLM (Ripple vs Stellar Lumens) with Kris Merkel and Davey Zelaya the Slaya


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  1. Nano, in terms of technology, makes both of these coins useless, at least on layer 1.
    If Nano ever brings out layer 2 dapps and smart contracts then most coins become useless.
    The benefit of something like XRP is that they have the strength of Ripple behind them to make business deals and push adoption.

  2. Seeing as how adoption of crypto in general is still at the 12th Monkey getting ready to be 13th Monkey theory, Adoption will feed both and both will succeed in their own categories. I think accumulation of either or both is the most important part the maxis fighting each other between the two forget.

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