Bitcoin energy problem?

Bitcoin energy problem: Bitcoin climate change or is Bitcoin green energy possible? Bitcoin consumes a significant amount of electricity to mine new coins, process transactions, and secure the network. It also presents a great economic incentive for the development of green energy sources. Bitcoin mining can be a stimulant for clean energy production and storage.

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Can Bitcoin energy consumption accelerate clean energy production?

Bitcoin energy problem with Layah Heilpern



  1. Exodus is scam and targets beginners in the cryptocurrency world,before you buy any coin on Exodus make sure that the crypto currency’s you buying you will be able to move it to another coin !

  2. DON'T USE EXODUS. If you want your money to be safe never use exodus it's completely unsafe. Do your research there is many cases when people lost all their assets with this wallet. Most of them assume it's an inside job because there is to many "coincidences".

  3. Traditional financial networks use more energy because the vast majority of the global population uses them. A tiny fraction of the world uses BTC today and it already consumes vastly more power per transaction.

    Also, the gold comparison is fundamentally flawed. It amazes me that nobody ever talks about all the materials that need to be mined to make the electronic equipment that is used to mine bitcoin. Bitcoin mining doesn't happen without physical mining of metal ores and fossil fuel use to make plastic parts of computational equipment.

  4. It’s a lie created to convince people to use PoS cryptos as that’s easier for the wealthy to get involved in. That’s it. It’s also lowers the price so that they can buy in cheaper since we now know it’s not as risky as once believed.

  5. There are so many things I can think of from trains to boats to cars that are more harmful than these centralized Bitcoin mining farms ran off renewable energy. This is why RavenCoin(RVN) will never be centralized and bow down to ASIC machines. It lets us the little guys get a piece of the pie!!! 🚀😇🚀

  6. ASIC mining is disgusting, centralizing hash rate, waste of electronical components and upping the entry for an average joe to secure the network. Cryptocurrencies must move towards PoS or ASIC resistant mining. There are no objective reasons for the bitcoin network to keep existing, when much more power efficient and rich in feature-wise networks exist.

  7. The irony is how Elon drops fud regarding energy consumption of bitcoin.. but remind me. Where does the electricity come for your cars Elon? The same coal fueled power plants.

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