Bitcoin NFT | BTC NFT

Bitcoin NFT: NFTs are massively popular because of their non-fungible properties which make them one of a kind. Can Bitcoin also be an NFT? Take this short journey with us as we explore the BTC NFT possibilities.

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Bitcoin NFT | BTC NFT with Noah Charney



  1. when will Exodus be a safe wallet??? Where you can't steal all the coins, seeds, private keys by just knowing the wallet password?
    Superadmin password or email 2 factor would be nice.

  2. Wow, very good points here !! Besides the initial introduction to NFTs, which is also very good and welcome. It's a very interesting point being exposed here, sounds like Bitcoins having "numismatic" value !

  3. Very good point! Imagine people being able to prove their Bitcoin was originally owned by Paris Hilton, or Elon Musk, etc.!

    Or the very first Bitcoin spent in El Salvador!

    Definitely gonna happen!

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