Bitcoin & Polkadot news: Bitcoin price dips, Kusama parachain launch

This week’s Bitcoin news is all about price. What triggered such a harsh dip in Bitcoin’s price?

Hint: No, it wasn’t a tweet.

Several factors contributed to the Bitcoin price slide and we break it down for you in digestible nuggets.

Polkadot news: Polkadot’s canary network, Kusama, has launched its first parachain.

0:00 Intro
1:15 Bitcoin price crash analysis
3:05 Bitcoin price rebound
4:45 Polkadot Kusama parachain
5:15 Federal Reserve CBDC

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Bitcoin & Polkadot news: Bitcoin price dips, Kusama parachain launch with Kris Merkel



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  2. Parachains are a mere days away… not later this year – The near-term timing catalyst on DOT is insanely huge. DOT's Founder, PhD. Gavin Wood, stated in a Medium article on May 17th that they are scheduled to release Parachains within "days" meaning the full launch of main-net will be launched with it and NO ONE is talking about it!!! This is the best kept secret in crypto b/c once main-net goes live – DOT will go parabolic … my prediction is that this will happen by the first week of June!


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