Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin SV (BTC vs BCH vs BSV)

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin SV: It’s the battle of the block sizes. In the quest for scalability, a 3-way fight has broken out between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and BSV Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. We know who has been the winner thus far…but can Bitcoin hold the top title forever?

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Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin SV with Kris Merkel and Davey Zelaya



  1. I'm loving the increased support around BSV! It's only a matter of time that the original Bitcoin protocol wins out…. and for those of you that don't know, the original is implemented as Bitcoin SV (BSV)

  2. Calling Bsv fork of a fork clearly shows these "moon boys" don't understand BitCoin at all. What they understand is price go up.

    If you change the recipe you change the dish. BTC and Bch is not BitCoin because they've changed the protocol.

    Misleading and misinforming your audience.

  3. The battle isn't finished yet. Blockchain is brand new to the world. The one that lasts in the end won't have block size limits. BSV also has both of them beat in daily average transactions!

  4. In all actuality, BTC and BCH are a hardfork of BSV. BTC changed the original protocol and added segwit. BCH also changed the original protocol. There is only one Bitcoin, and that is BSV.

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