Bitcoin vs Gold as a Store of Value (Bitcoin store of value) with Layah Heilpern

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Bitcoin vs Gold debate: Gold has been around for thousands of years and is the world’s oldest money. Investing and buying gold as a store of value has been the de facto choice. But we’re in the digital age now and it might be time for something new. Could Bitcoin be the new currency that unseats gold as the world’s most popular store of value? Can storing Bitcoin in a Bitcoin Wallet prevent your wealth from being seized?

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Bitcoin vs Gold as a Store of Value: Buying Bitcoin vs Buying Gold, chapters:

0:00 Introduction: For more than 5000 years gold has been considered as a store of value for maintaining wealth. Like any other asset, gold has its market cycles and sometimes gold is overbought and other times gold is oversold.

0:32 Limitations of Buying Gold: Despite being a reliable store of value, gold cannot be easily transported and it can be seized. Gold is not easily divisible and gold can be counterfeited. Even though gold is quite a scarce asset, the supply of gold can be increased as gold can be mined from sea water or asteroids.

2:33 Bitcoin vs Gold: Unlike Gold, Bitcoin is divisible up to eight decimal places. Bitcoin is also much easier to send around the world, as you can send BTC from one Bitcoin Wallet to another Bitcoin Wallet in just a few taps. Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million Bitcoin, additional Bitcoin can never be created. Furthermore, once BTC is stored in a Bitcoin Wallet, and the Bitcoin Wallet is properly and securely backed up with the secret recovery phrase only known by you, it is impossible for your Bitcoin to be seized from you.

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Bitcoin vs Gold as a Store of Value (Bitcoin store of value) with Layah Heilpern



  1. FYI There's AGS (Silver Standard) and AUS (Gold Standard) that are ERC20 tokens that are backed by 1:1 Gold and Silver via Coinspot exchange in Australia (one the Australian largest Crypto exchanges has them to buy/sell). The physical gold and silver is vaulted in Brisbane Australia. the closest thing you can get to owning physical gold and silver bullion without the stress / cost of DIY security (Vaults/camera's etc)…

  2. Only about 1 in 10 people own gold. Why is this? It's not just because it's inconvenient. It's also because they see no need for it. The only reason people hold gold is because they don't trust fiat currency. As soon as these people have access to a form of currency that they trust, they have no need for gold. The same goes for Bitcoin. It's being used as a hedge against bad monetary policy. But as soon as another crypto takes the crown as a usable everyday currency, people will have no need for Bitcoin.

  3. what happens when you send to the wrong adress? what happens when you lose your wallet? what happens if your wallet is hacked? btc has many disadvantages as well. apples and oranges

  4. Can someone tell me what good bitcoin is? Other than an easy way to transfer it self to another?
    Like is the math equations being solved good for anything? And who actually learns what those are once solved?

  5. So this is just a bash gold video, I don't like it when gold and crypto people bash each other, they're part of the same team, come on most people don't need private vaults to store their gold and silver, most of us aren't millionaires, gold is very much outside the system if stored/hidden at home, zero counter party risk and its very divisible….what are you talking about.
    Anyway rant over, gold and bitcoin both have a place in a decentralized portfolio.

  6. My friends and I were discussing Exodus over the Christmas holidays. Many more people would use Exodus, if you guys offered 1. easy migration support from Lend to Aave; 2. Theta/Tfuel; 3. Energy Web Token.

  7. You CAN GET Gold in smaller weight… you get get 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, don't forget 1troy oz is equal to 31.1 grams and you can buy 10grams, 20grams… etc… same for silver.
    Point of Bitcoin, Gold and Silver is that they work against the Fiat currency. Don't forget GOLD and Silver is God's money and don't bet against God. Bet against the common thief which is the shadow banks.

  8. hello Layah when smartkey on exodus?? @smartkeydefi you find on twiter. this project change the world they have a ready product connect the world of blockchain with the real world next year will belong only to smartkey remeber Smartkey!!!!! Layah on the occasion of Christmas. all the sweetest and happy new year for you and the entire Exodus team

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