Can I Buy a Fraction of a Bitcoin? #shorts


Ever heard someone say “Bitcoin is too expensive! I can’t afford to buy BTC.” People new to crypto sometimes think they have to buy a whole Bitcoin.

Spoiler alert: You don’t! You can invest as much or as little as you want. Watch the video for a quick under a minute explanation on buying a fraction of a bitcoin.



  1. Hi! Good day Exodus! I got a question please. I tried to send ATOM from my device to another using QR Code, it failed, but I paid for the transaction fee, I tried once more using the address and went through successfully, but still paid another fee, and I haven't receive back the first one. Is this usual?

  2. Today (02.15.2021) 1 Bitcoin = 13,514 THETA tokens.
    In 2021 THETA comfortably hits $20.00. Only a 700% increase from today’s price keeping in mind that in the last 3 months it’s enjoyed a 900% + increase.
    So 13,514.00 THETA tokens x $20.00 = $270,285.00
    So whats more likely? Bitcoin to $270,285.00 or Theta to $20.00? Go figure

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