Cardano 2021: What is Cardano? ADA Cardano Explained

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Cardano 2021: Take a deeper dive into what is Cardano ADA & the milestones achieved so far such as staking Cardano ADA with your Cardano Wallet due to the Shelley upgrade. Learn about the upcoming milestones in ADA Cardano Roadmap and what it means for the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem.

Cardano ADA is the brain child of Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. Cardano aims to be a scalable smart contract platform that leaves governance in the hands of its ADA coin stakeholders.

Tune in as we answer the question: What is Cardano ADA?

ADA Cardano 2021: What is Cardano ADA coin? How to Stake Cardano in a Cardano Wallet within seconds, chapters:

0:00 Introduction: Cardano has undergone an important system upgrade bringing the Cardano blockchain closer to becoming the de facto smart contract platform it hopes to become.

0:11 What is Cardano ADA: Cardano is a smart contract blockchain, like Ethereum, with its biggest difference being its extensive research and testing done for every upgrade before they are released.

0:40 Ouroboros Protocol: The Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake protocol was the first academically researched and peer-reviewed Proof-of-Stake protocol with a mathematically proven level of security.

1:17 Shelly Upgrade: Cardano was able to move towards greater decentralization with the Shelly upgrade allowing every user the opportunity to become a node, stake and mine ADA, to secure and validate transactions on the Cardano blockchain.

1:44 What is ADA coin: ADA coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain allowing users to participate in the network.

2:00 Shelley Incentive Structure: The delegation and incentive delegation and incentives scheme introduced with Shelley is based on game theory and the latest research in proof-of-stake protocols.

2:37 Staking Cardano: The Shelley upgrade allows anyone holding ADA to stake their ADA to secure and validate the transactions on the Cardano blockchain. Users can earn staking rewards in the form of ADA for securing transactions. You can stake your ADA in your Exodus Cardano Wallet with just a few taps!

2:55 The Goguen Era: The third era of the Cardano blockchain known as the Goguen era, has been worked upon in parallel with Shelley. The expected mainnet launch is around March 2021. The Goguen upgrade will enable the use of smart contracts, dApps, and additional native tokens on the Cardano blockchain.

3:45 Basho Era: Next in the Cardano roadmap is the Basho era which will introduce side chains. Sidechains are independent blockchains that will run side by side allowing the Cardano blockchain to increase its scalability and interoperability.

3:58 Voltaire Era: The final upgrade, or era, for the Cardano blockchain is called the Voltaire era. ADA holders who have staked their coins will additionally be allowed to govern the Cardano network through voting.

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ADA Cardano 2021: What is Cardano ADA coin? with Layah Heilpern



  1. Best blockchain on the market. It’s really not close IMO. Charles reminds me of a Steve Jobs, Elon musk type guy for crypto. Ethers scalability problems will be the reason for its fall. Hopefully the Russian alien can figure it out.

  2. Some honest and constructive Feedback for Layah:

    1. Please stop tilting your head back, that's a habit you should work on stopping, as we see up your nostril passages, which is not pleasant to be forced to keep looking up your nose.

    2. Please stop opening your eyes wide open every few seconds, it becomes distracting and makes me not want to keep watching the videos where you are the speaker.

    These 2 points may also be the reason why your videos have such a low view count.

    Fix and work on these 2 feedback areas, and you will be an awesome speaker 🙂

    Thank you, love Exodus Wallet and use it.

  3. staking ADA on Exodus is surprisingly good, it is encouraging me to get more. My only feature request would be to include auto claiming and restaking of rewards similar to how AAVE works. But even without this feature I'm impressed, well done guys.

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