Cardano News: ADA Price hits new high on Smart Contract Upgrade

Cardano news is front page as their recent smart contract developments give rise to new all time highs for the Cardano ADA price. When Cardano smart contracts and what will it mean for the ADA coin? How will the upgrade affect ADA token supply and price?

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Cardano News: ADA Price hits new high on Smart Contract Upgrade with Layah Heilpern



  1. MULTIVAC is a blockchain of the last generation far superior to Solana, Cardano and Ethereum and its market capitalization is only 62 million dollars.
    Solana is already worth $ 41.6 billion.

    Cardano is already worth 93 billion dollars.

    Ethereum is already worth $ 460 billion.


    $MTV has 30k+ TPS using just 4 shards with no upper cap = infinite scalability.

    Just as a comparison:
    Ethereum: 25 TPS

    Cardano: 1k TPS

    The ONLY blockchain that lets the developer decide between security, scalability & decentralization.


    MTV is ETH 3.0 with their sharding tech

  2. Got an airdrop from osmosis worth 13k and turned 8k of it into more ADA. Feels good being 1079 away from my goal of 10k ADA. SO glad I got in 5k at 14 cents each.

    I'll leave 10k on Exodus but may get a few thousand more to participate in DeFi like I am on KAVA as an LP.

  3. I still don't get it why people stick with Ethereum when the gas fees are skyrocket together with its price. Ethereum basically failed for now, unless it remake itself. Right now we have 2 or 3 choices, Cardano, Solana and polkadot. Solana branding itself as for big companies and cooperation. Polkadot are more into bridging blockchain to another. Cardano are very suitable for start up developer in dapps, defi..

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