Cardano Staking (How to stake ADA)

Cardano staking is easy. This tutorial teaches you how to stake Cardano ADA coins in one tap.

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Cardano staking: How to stake Cardano ADA



  1. Huge fan of Cardan and of exodus.
    It’s been a Wallet I’ve been looking at for a while but just haven’t went for I have been very preoccupied with trying to make sure security is great and from all the days of research I have done I trust you all the most not only because y’all have been around for a while but y’all are constantly updating and keeping the community informed with daily updates and that is a good sign of a good business so I will happily use this platform

  2. Could someone answer my questions, I'm a noob. I have 111 ADA on coinbase, can I simply put my 111 ADA from coinbase on this app, stake it then claim rewards? How often can you remove your ada and if the price fluctuates I'm guessing your rewards do?

  3. Surprisingly after downloading Exodus, I didn't have magic ADA coins appear there out of thin air like in the video. Would be nice if you showed how to fund the wallet. Not going to get transaction fee gouged transferring ETH over.

  4. A video for a simpleton that anyone can figure out without having to watch. But here's the thing. I enabled Cardano staking on my initial deposit of ADA. I then added more ADA. So how do I see how much ADA I am staking? I want it all to be staked. Is there something I need to do to enable staking for my subsequent deposits? So why is it SO HARD to show how much is actually being staked in your application? Even a simpleton could figure out that is something users would want to know. SO SHOW IT!

  5. ★★★★★ I´m so glad Exodus even exist at this point in time because CFD´s literally takes the dream away. I´m currently in Colombia and we are forced to trade with fiat currency on CFD which means we never really own the coin which in return we have to withdraw in Fiat currency after closing a trade. This process devalues the whole thing and takes away the purpose of owning a crypto at all. These so called "trading platforms" can be named. On the other hand, with Exodus it´s completely the opposite, I get to own the coin without running the risk of holding fake ones for years inside broker trading firms that may go down because of administrative scandals for deposits and shady Fiat withdrawals. To keep the long story short, I just wanted to point out that with Exodus I can sleep at night rest assured that my cryptos are NOT CFD´s on a risky and volatile open trade. It´s all the contrary with Exodus and a tremendous relief and perhaps the best relief for us who use this wallet. Thanks Exodus, for letting us hold real cyptos and not CFD´s. I rate your company 5 Stars on the opportunity given and trust worthiness for the actual coin ★★★★★

  6. Are there any benefits of having a good GPU or CPU when staking? I see you can use your phone to stake, but a phone earns less ADA than a computer, i guess?

  7. Caution with Exodus… I have been using Exodus for a month, and now that I have my ETH and BTG on the wallet.. BTG is unavailable for exchange and ETH is telling me internal error when sending crypto… I am stuck! and every time I try to send from a different computer or network, they charge a commission, it is just draining the wallet! not going to use Exodus again in my life!

  8. hello exodus team i got a question. do i have to claim the rewards to participate with these coins in the staking process? Or are they automatically involved, although i did not claim them yet?

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