Crypto News: Audius & TikTok partnership, Solana price moons

This week’s Exodus crypto news delivers more than the Solana price action! Get the details on the TikTok crypto partnership with Audius token. And as predicted in previous episodes, crypto is replacing traditional banks as Circle makes moves to become a bank.

00:50 Solana News
03:23 Exodus en Español (Monedero Exodus)
03:42 Circle crypto news
05:08 Exodus tZero shares update
05:26 Audius & TikTok partnership

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

EXIT Tokens are not shares of Class A common stock; rather, they are digital representations on the Algorand blockchain of the number of shares purchased and held by a stockholder. EXIT Tokens will be sent by Securitize, the transfer agent for your shares, directly to your Exodus wallet.

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Crypto News: Audius & TikTok crypto partnership, Solana price moons with Kris Merkel

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  1. Hopefully Ethereum team will make a better effort to solve those high gas fees. I know it's hard, taking into account it has over 180 projects at least, running on their network. But I think they could have learned a few things from Binance Smart Chain's low gas fees solution. Solana is definitely not over with the gains. Moderate prediction for it see it around 200 dollars by EOY at least.

  2. Concerning Solana, guess it really has become "The Planet Of The Apes🦍"… USDC is my favorite stablecoin. And I missed the Audious boat, but I'll keep riding that ADA Train 🚂

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