Crypto News: Bitcoin Beats Gold, Microstrategy, NFTs and Robinhood

Join us this week as Kris Merkel Breaks down the highlights from the top stories in the crypto news. Bitcoin is beating out Gold as a store of value. Microstrategy and Michael Saylor put up another billion dollars into Bitcoin, Top crypto investment site Motley Fool changes its mind crypto, Beeple auctions off his first 5000 days at the auction house Christie’s, Robinhood lets you withdraw Crytpo and Binance Coin $BNB flips Tether.

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Weekly Crypto News with Kris Merkel



  1. Hi! Good day Exodus! I got a question please. I tried to send ATOM from my device to another using QR Code, it failed, but I paid for the transaction fee, I tried once more using the address and went through successfully, but still paid another fee, and I haven't receive back the first one. Is this usual?

  2. Plz help me… exodus wallet sucks so bad!! Sometimes you can trade ada sometimes you can’t! Vechain…. right now I can only trade it for defi coins that will take $30 worth of vechain to trade…. and if I try to send any coin to my nano or another exchange I have to have eth in my wallet to pay for the trade! And hbar…. are you kidding?????? You can trade to it no problem but I’d like to exit my holding hahahahaha trapped it’s like you can’t nor ever will be able to trade it….. and I have 1 xlm in my exodus wallet trapped for life! It says I have to have one in my wallet…. so what if it hits $500 a coin??? What I gotta just leave it there??? Them support tells me yada yada about eth fees are what they are… yet I have not 1 of these problems on Coinbase, uphold, nano x….. EXODUS WALLET IS A SCAM AND A JOKE!!!!!!

  3. Breaking news for me is that your app has 28 coins unavailable 2 of them I own it’s been like this far to long step it up honestly your worse then Coinbase it rather have my crypto there at least I’d be able to exchange it when I’m up and know a dumps about to come

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