Crypto News: Bitcoin FUD, Ethereum ATH, & Staking Crypto

Today’s crypto news is bullish despite what the recent dumpy crypto markets may tell you.

Bitcoin critics latch onto clickbait, Ethereum price retreats after hitting new all time highs, and earning a crypto passive income by staking crypto has caught on.

All this and more in today’s Exodus Crypto News

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  1. Disappointed I can't trade the GUSD I transferred from Block Fi so I could start accumulating VET. Now I have to send ETH to my Exodus wallet just to have gas (@$17) just to send my GUSD back to Block Fi where I can actually use it on the exchange. Further disappointment that his whole ordeal takes 4 days to transpire. Crypto at the speed of light.

  2. Another great video. If exodus could offer near free trading on their platform I think it’s use case would EXPLODE. if they were able to run their business with their other profitable Products (buying BTC), betting, staking, the potential would be huge. Reason I bring this up is because I’ve wanted to speculate on plenty of alt coins, but when I set up the trade in exodus, the fee is just too hefty. That may be due in part to mining transaction fees and stuff, but if Exodus were to solve lower fees for trading, I could really see the huge uptick in consumers and long term clients. I wish exodus success.

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