Crypto News: Bitcoin News, Tezos upgrade, and The Most Expensive NFT

This edition of Exodus Crypto News brings in a little bit of the Bitcoin heat. Tezos upgrade lowers transaction fees, and the most expensive NFT may not be what you think.

Tune in for the crypto news highlights of the week.

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  1. You know what everything i hear about tezos is possitive, their blockchain was even chosen for work on french cbdc + you can easily stake it from the safety of your hardware wallet. I mean is it only me or projects like tezos or polkadot are ridiculously undervalued in compare to ethereum?

  2. Hey guys, great work and I love your wallet's UI, but whenever I need to send BTC I still have to import my keys into other wallets so I can set my transaction fees. I don't mind waiting in the mempool for half a day if it means I can send for 1 Sat/B. Please add an advanced option for users to set their own fees 😀

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