Crypto News: Bullish Bitcoin News, Google Cloud’s New Role in EOS, and US Congress Stacking Sats

This edition of Exodus Crypto News reports on Square’s huge BTC purchase, Google Cloud’s role as an EOS block producer, and a free Bitcoin giveaway to every US Congressman.

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  1. Bitcoin price is going higher now. This seems to be an opportunity to tap in to to make good profits. Don't Invest with emotions invest with results the numbers speak for itself. The best thing to do now is to invest and learn from the experts.

  2. Seriously??? BTC is the biggest of all the Shitcoins, it’s only claim to fame is it was First 🤞🏽 it’s super slow, super expensive, most Ecco unfriendly coin in the World; guzzling a medium sized countries electricity consumption to mine; it’s already burning over 2% of the Worlds electricity production, more than Switzerland’s power needs, image if it gets to $100,000? Proof of Work is inefficient, not scalable & fraught with security problems! Pure insanity & stupidity! Totally hack-able with 51%+ control of miners attack 😱 forking here, forking there for selfish profits, it’s totally centralised by a couple of Chinese miners, no utility, no use case, no value beyond perceived 🥴 it’s dying a slow death 💀 but surely it is dying, soon to be replaced by 👑XRP👑 which really does have true utility, use cases, scalable, instant settlement, ultra fast, ultra secure, very cheap, very Ecco friendly, has a serious & real team of developers, a marketing team & a realistic plan for the future 💰❌💰

  3. I put all my savings into crypto! My portfolio is set and done! I’m holding for 2 to 5 years! No have bitcoin! Now I’m more focused one toilet paper and canned beans! You’re never know…….🙏

  4. Every bit of bitcoin that I gave away in 2017 in an attempt to educate people, I believe, was lost. Sad, but true. There may be some who get it, after their BTC triples in value.

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