Crypto News: Buy Stocks with Bitcoin, DeFi tokens hit EOS, Canadian dollar moves to Algorand

This week’s Exodus Crypto News delivers more bullish Bitcoin news, the inside scoop on DeFi expanding its reach with EOS, Algorand news out of Canada, and a throw back to old school Atari gaming finding new life with Blockchain.

Sit back, feel good, and tune into the Crypto News highlights of the week.

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  1. Agree, tokens coming to way more than stocks. A new way to own anything. It's crazy. And wallets will take over too. That soon to be obsolete wallet in your pocket/purse soon exclusively in your smartphone.

  2. Hey team, Will exodus allow XEM staking? Also XEM will be creating a new coin called XYM. For the Symbol blockchain. NEM is saying that holding XEM will create an equal amount of XYM. will exodus support XYM in the future? Thank you,

  3. Hi Exodus. I know this video is just "Crypto News". But I'm a little concerned when you talk about Atari. I like Atari for nostalgic reasons, but that's all. The more I read about "Atari Token" the more I feel uncomfortable. If I'm wrong, please, send a link to change my point of view.

    You Don't Know Atari!

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