Crypto News: Cardano, Polkadot, Chainlink & Algorand News

The Cardano price is flying this week despite a dip in the markets. What’s the reason for this ADA price spike? We have the answer 😉

Polkadot inching closer to a reality of blockchain interoperability, bullish Algorand news, and Chainlink efficiency boosted x10!

All this and more in today’s Exodus Crypto News

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Crypto News with Kris Merkel
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  1. Hi! Good day Exodus! I got a question please. I tried to send ATOM from my device to another using QR Code, it failed, but I paid for the transaction fee, I tried once more using the address and went through successfully, but still paid another fee, and I haven't receive back the first one. Is this usual?

  2. Algo is the sleeping giant. In 10 years I believe Algorand will be known by most people as a “financial thing” used by many corporations and governments, and they will say “ether what? Never heard of that.”

  3. You make good content on cryptocurrencies. Hope you can also review and make a video on Atomic Wallet, one of the best crypto wallet to store, exchange and Stake cryptocurrencies (upto 23% APR for AWC token staking).

  4. Calling my self rich or wealthy might be seen as being ostentatious but it's a fact, I won't go into details on how much I'm worth or what I have achieved so far at the age of 37 but I am sure my investing habit has been a great part of my success. My advice: Don't just save, invest!

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