Crypto News: DeFi Gone Wild, Uniswap, & Ethereum Fees

This edition of Exodus Crypto News comes on the back of weird food named DeFi projects like Sushiswap and Kimchi. How serious can a digital asset investor take these projects? Is yield farming all it’s cracked up to be? Your Ethereum news and Bitcoin news delivery is here. Tune in.

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  1. On the subject of high gas fees, have you heard about UNIFI DeFi?

    They’re developing a 2-layer solution called ‘Nitrous Layer’ (how badass does that sound btw???) which implements proof-of-burn and should push the fees and transaction times to very low levels. Thoughts on this solution??

  2. Crypto in 10 years? Well, gauged against the centralised world, lets take a peak. 2021 at best will see more printing, a S&P and Dow collapse (if not sooner), and at worst an event which will trigger WW3, all with a COVID and Great Depression backdrop. Thats not good for fiat, its not good for governments, and awful for the masses. So, 2021-23 sees fiat collapse, precious commodities and crypto rise, purely as store of value. The real investment in terms of smart contracts hitting mainstream sectors starts from 2023, and by 2027 everyone on the street will be talking about decentralised contracts, as they were about the internet by 1998. The world stabilises by 2024, and there will be equity rallies, but by the late 2020s, when we enter yet another recession and more printing, because thats the only solution now for governments to stop the debt bubble bursting, decentralised anything will look attractive, especially to the tech savvy young. Central banks may introduce their own crypto, the banks may copy them, but they will all be playing second fiddle to decentralised finance.

  3. Uniswap is a cluster fuck these days, I stopped using it when I started to get failed trades nearing $30 / transaction. Completely BS if you ask me. XSN is the only project out there who actually tries to make a Uniswap-like DEX which can handle instant, virtually feeless trading through the Lightning Network + The Raiden Network. After doing my own research on this one, it has recently made 80% of my total portfolio. Complete game changer.

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