Crypto News: Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, UMA – Crypto Rockets!

Exodus Crypto News: A sea of green or perhaps more appropriately, a sky of green as the crypto market surges to highs previously unseen. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, and UMA are all heading toward the sky – some aboard an Elon Musk rocket.

Tune in as Kris Merkel delivers this week’s highlights of the Crypto universe.

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  1. Cardano has been "temporarily unavailable" on my Exodus wallet for several days. I find it very upsetting and disturbing that they can hold my crypto hostage like this. Anybody else have this problem with Exodus? No answer to my messages sent to them.

  2. I think the most undervalued highest potential here is UMA. It's clearly going after the biggest market in the world — 500trillion direvities market. Founded by former head of Goldman Sachs,.this one is so under the radar. Its gonna go out of control.., I dont know. 300plus. Soon. Not in 3 years. Like this bull market

  3. why is ADA exchange down on the wallet at a time like this???! also, RUNE??? Fatom???? AAVE????? DOT???? if there's going to be videos on coins, that coin should actually be offered on the wallet.

  4. I’m currently working for a bank in Canada, though am captured by the allure of crypto. How would someone propose changing to an exchange or wallet development in the crypto work? What skills would be relevant?

  5. I know that you intend on implementing DOT staking already. Any chance of us being able to use Exodus for DOT governance? The web wallet for DOT and KSM is confusing for so many people. If it can be integrated into Exodus, you give so much more power to the people.

    Just a thought.

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