Crypto News: Is the bull market back? Bitcoin vs Ethereum price

Crypto News: Crypto prices are bouncing back but is it too soon to celebrate and call this the end of this mini bear cycle? Ethereum gains and trading is outpacing bitcoin. Decentralized Finance certainly has something to do with the emerging ETH as apps like Uniswap add to user adoption.

00:00 Crypto News intro
00:35 Bitcoin vs Ethereum Price
02:29 Ethereum volume
03:27 Uniswap news
04:28 US Senator Warren’s attack on Crypto
06:27 Amazon crypto news

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Crypto News: Is the bull market back? Bitcoin vs Ethereum price with Kris Merkel



  1. Today I was checking my Exodus wallet and because of the latest downward-trends, I wasn't expecting much. But then: a bit push upwards. ME LIKE! 😀

    PS: PLEASE ADD MORE STAKING OPTIONS (Band Protocol, Tron, Qtum etc.). <3

  2. So many lies and made up terms in this video. For example, wtf is a "micro" bear market? Days? Weeks? Months? FUD, Lies, etc. Call it whatever you want, but it's definitely not truth or fact.

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