Crypto News: PayPal brings Bitcoin to the masses, USDC and Ethereum 2.0

In this episode of Exodus Crypto News it’s all about bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin. Bullish Bitcoin news has been a theme this season and we’re nowhere near the season finale as BTC price hits its yearly high on the news of PayPal support and the continuing flow of institutional money.

USDC coming to the XLM Stellar network and Solana.

Is Ethereum 2.0 closer than we think?

Tune into the crypto hyperloop: Exodus Crypto News

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  1. I believe Bitcoin won't go below 10k. The fundamentals are too strong. The technicals look strong as well. Bitcoin will probably consolidate for a week or so and then continue its march towards 15k. I'm curious to see what happens over the weekend with no stock market influence. I hope Alts pickup because I have a few bags of them! Great video once again Exodus!

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