Crypto News: The Rise of the Blockchain Metaverse

Exodus Crypto News: The Bitcoin news this week is all sideways action, but for some (ahem, Microstrategy), it just means more time to accumulate underpriced BTC.

Digital real-estate and NFTs in the blockchain metaverse could be the next economic boom.

A survey is out that shows an increasing number of UK adults are hodling crypto. How many total? The answer is in the millions. Tune in to learn exactly how many and how much they’re holding.

Hedgefunds won’t be left behind as a new survey that polled 100 hedgefund execs revealed that 98% are likely to invest in crypto over the next 5 years.

Crypto News: The Rise of the Blockchain Metaverse, chapters:
00:00 Crypto News intro
01:21 Blockchain Metaverse
03:05 Microstrategy Bitcoin
03:26 Crypto & Hedgefunds
04:32 UK crypto adoption
05:58 Crypto News closing

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Crypto News with Kris Merkel



  1. Over the next 6 months BTC will test the $30k support suckering in a lot buy the dippers. Then slice through the support to $15k washing out out the Johnny Come Latelys and margin cowboys. Then will probably resume the bull mkt. ETH will test $1700 support but slice through to $900 before resuming its bull sometime next year.

  2. Normie here. So happy that I discovered Exodus wallet in 2017 and used your wallet this entire time. Somehow I was able to cop 18 EXIT coins and can't wait to get them… also copped Algorand since that's the blockchain the EXIT coins are being issued on, and now I find you had this YouTube channel this entire time! Awesome, guys.

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