Crypto News: XLM & XRP News and the Bitcoin Bull Run

The Bitcoin breakout knows no bounds. Tune in to the Exodus crypto news as we cover the latest bitcoin news, the soaring XLM and XRP price, cryptos collective trillion dollar cap, and the US green lighting banks to use public blockchains and stablecoins.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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  1. Whoa Cool . . . The Host is from the Future Technoverse .
    If Exodus could Utilize a Better Security Feature Other than 12-Words . . . Randy would be Unboard with Everything Exodus Wallet .
    ( Except, the Ethereum Gas Token Mean Beast Thingy )

    12-Words . . . Hum . . . Sigh .

  2. Why is Zil still locked up and unable to be traded on Exodus wallet? This has been going on for some time. Any update on when we will be able to exchange Zil on the Exodus wallet again?

  3. You've still never mentioned §ync.
    It's totally everything that you look for although still small & unknown.
    But better!

    Bonds earn interest.
    Bonds are TRADEABLE – no minimum time staking.
    It compliments all other projects not competes with them.
    Other projects can lock liquidity with huge returns, (on top of the peace of mind for any investor in any project lucky enough to be whitelisted) .
    Team are very transparent & nice guys.
    Circulating supply reduced every bond created therefore increasing price of token.
    Artwork is amazing, buy your children a bond, (in a few years rn i need your videos haha), print it and put it on their wall, people like to see their wealth.
    The team made a mistake on launch type yes, the accepted, admitted it, let the community decide the outcome and fixed their error.
    xBTC have invested $100k.
    Trustswap are about to launch Swappable which will be the main marketplace to buy / sell CryptoBonds as Opensea is not 100% suitable.

    3m MC rn.
    Still totally under the radar.
    If you can find something wrong with it I'd love to hear your view 🙂

  4. hello Kris. big greetings from Kris from Poland!check this project for your own pleasure and knowledge see who recently joined the project team first of all, see what this project offers. so far the only one in the world that has such an offer and this is not the end of their possibilities already getting loud about them

  5. As always amazing and very professionally crafted content. Always a treat to watch these, I hope to see this channel finally get the recognition it deserves. Thanks to you all working at Exodus!

  6. How come I cannot get my ICX out of my wallet. I have sent emails about it, and got a reply but nothing fixed. Then you all fell off the planet I guess because you ignore follow up emails.

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